b"DRAFTHappy hour at Mineshaft TavernLife begins AT ORIGINIn a neighourhood that all ages call home, Spring Creek's seniors residence embodiesthe spirit of communityOn paper, Origin at Spring Creek is a residence for people 65 and older, with 110 luxury units and some 42,000 sq.ft. of recreational spacebut everyone knows this place is much more than a building. First and foremost, Origin at Spring Creek is a community, and its spirit of vibrancy and connection flows beyond its walls and through the neighourhood.Singalong in MorningStar House Jill Rempel has devoted the past five years to enriching lives at Origin at Spring Creek (thats her job title: Life Enrichment Aid), and she says its a place that brings people together. You see connection constantly, and thats what gives people life, she says. Jill begins each day playing piano for residents, which she says usually turns into a singalong. She guides workouts in one of two exercise rooms; plans events like movie screenings, guest speakers, live music, birthday celebrationsand game nights; and takes residents to explore the Bow Valley in Origins 16-passenger bus. She also hosts Legacy Stories, an informal public one-on-one with residents who have life stories to share. Everyone here has had a noteworthy life, Jill says. 10the heart of canmore | 2021"