b"SPRING CREEK EXPERT TIPSA N N U A LFAMILY DAY SKATINGPARTYFebruary 2021Spring Creek Skating RinkJoin us in a fun-filled celebration ofKEEP YOUR INDOOR CLIMATEERVfamily togetherness. Bring your skates, appetite and kids for tasty treats, FRESH AND COMFORTABLE101bonfire and lots of laughs. IN EVERY KIND OF WEATHERIf you live in Canmore, you probably love fresh airand you shouldnt have to open a window to find it (especially in the middle of winter). Client Care Manager Nevil Stow has been withSpring Creek since 2008, and he knows the ins and outs of every building in the community. He and his team are responsible for maintenance, or as he puts it,We fix things. We fix everything. One thing he fixes? The ERV units that bring fresh air into every homeJoin us for our annualin Spring Creek.ERV, WHICH STANDS FOR ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR,neighourhood celebrations * IS A VENTILATION UNIT THAT USES TWO FANS TO EXCHANGE AIR BETWEEN YOUR LIVING SPACE AND OUTSIDE.As air enters/in the heart of downtownexits, heat and moisture gets transferred from one air stream to the other. So, if its Canmorefun-filled cold and dry outside, the ERV brings in fresh incoming air and expels stale air. In the process, the ERV system also captures airborne pollutants and allergens to keep your events for all ages! indoor air cleaner. *These regular events may change due to theAn ERV is an energy-efficient way to keep your indoor environment just theuncertain nature of group events at the timeway you like it, and its simple to use. Just follow Nevils tips.of publication. CheckFacebook.com/ LEARN YOUR SETTINGS Its worth learning how to turn your ERV on and SpringCreekCanmore/eventsoff, and how to set your preferred fan speed so that you can make your living space to confirm dates and further details for all events. comfortable. Most ERV units have simple button controls and an LED indicator lighting. If youre not sure where to start, Nevil can help you master the basics#SpringCreekLiving hes done this for many Spring Creek residents!WHEN YOURE AWAY, KEEP YOUR ERV RUNNING Many people in Canmore have more than one residence or love to travel. If youre away from your Canmore home for a few days or a few months, leave your ERV on green (runs slightly less for efficiency) to gently replace the air regularly so you dont return to a stale or stuffy space. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR WINDOWS IN WINTER Canmore cold is a dry cold, but indoors, its a different story. With the windows shut, daily stuff like hot showers and simmering pasta water can create excess humidity, causing moisture A N N U A L and frost to build up on the inside of your windows. Your ERV unit helps to regulate BLOCK your indoor humidity level by transferring excess moisture to the exhaust air. If your windows start to sweat, adjust your ventilation.PARTY SERVICE YOUR ERV ANNUALLY Once a year, your ERV needs a full service and filter cleaning, but its nothing to worry aboutNevil and his team take care of every unit in Spring Creek. & DUCK RACE CHECK OUT SPRING CREEKCLIENT CARE'S LIST OF SERVICESspringcreekcare.caJune 2021 Nevil has spent the last 12 years with Spring Creek working on our award-Kick off summertime in Canmore with awinning green homes in the neighbourhood. Hes performed and managed rubber ducky race, barbecue, live music, construction work throughout that time and has proudly welcomed owners into their new homes. He admires anyone with the DIY gift, but also loves bouncy castle, balloon animals andnothing more than to help out a Spring Creek homeowner who would rather 22the heart of canmore | 2021 be outdoors than doing maintenance. plenty of treats for the kids!"