b"Annie's Ad venturesLOCAL FORA WEEKENDA FLY-FISHING FIRST-TIMERW I T HCanmore has always been a special place for mein fact, I like to think ofit as my true home. Thats a fantasy (for 5 minute walk to downtown Canmorenow), but Spring Creek Vacations helps1, 2 or 3 BEDROOMit feel like a reality, especially when Im waking up in my beautiful short-termVACATION RENTALS rental condo in the heart of town. This visit felt more like home than ever, because I set up an office in my rental and made it a working vacation. I stayed productive, but you know what? The workday feels a lot shorter when you can spend your downtime exploring outdoor adventures right outside your door.3:00 pmIve always thought fly fishing looked like a great way to spend the day. Its a sport and an art, but above all, its a nice day in the mountains. If you catch something, thats an added bonus! Lacking the equipment or the know-how to try it myself, I signed up for a FishingSpringCreekVacations.comAdventure with Nick Schlachter atWapiti Sports in Canmore. 877.678.5511 #springcreekvacations3:30 pmLOOKING FOR AN EVENT SPACE?Just a 10 minute walk from downtown Main StreetIt was everything I hoped it would be: scenic, relaxing and (thanks to Nicks patience and expertise) truly informative. And our fishing site was so nearby,there was almost no travel time.4:00 pmSTART PLANNING YOUR CANMORE ADVENTURE SPRING CREEK VACATIONS375 Spring Creek DriveSpringCreekVacations.com OPERA HOUSEWAPITI SPORTS & OUTFITTERS1506 Railway Avenue CanmoreOperaHouse @ SpringCreekmv.comWould I do it again? Absolutely. And WapitiSports.com 403-678-6828400 Spring Creek DriveI cant wait for my next mountain adventure in my home away from home!16the heart of canmore | 2021 WWW.SPRINGCREEKCANMORE.CA/ 5:00 pm LISTINGS/OPERA-HOUSE"