b"FINE BY STEIN: SPRING CREEK'S FAVOURITE FOOD FAN AND SIP SWILLERGET YOUR If Spring Creek is the heart of Canmore, HEART The Pulse Coffee Bar & General Store is, well, its pulse. In fact, thats what inspired STARTED ATthe name of this shop and caffeine stop, CANMORES which opened in The Malcolm Hotel lobby in October 2019 and became a fast NEWESTfavourite with pretty much everyone.COFFEEInternational guests refuel at The Pulse while shopping for everything from travel adaptors to one-of-a-kind keepsakes. SHOP For Canmorites like me, this is a place where I can treat myself to a sweet latte, some goat milk body lotion (what?) and maybe a gift for an out-of-towner, like Canadian-made artisanal jewelry or a Canmore pennant badge made by local designer Have you been introduced toYoho & Co. In the unlikely event that Mrs. Stein reads these words, Ill note that the Scotland-made, the wonderfulness that is a pure wool Malcolm tartan scarf tops my wish list.SPRING CREEK FOG? Rather than a traditional sit-down cafe, The Pulse is a grab-and-go coffee bar in a retail boutique.We dont need seating, says Kayla Leth, The Pulse mastermind and Spring Creeks director of If you are a tea drinker, the baristas at business development and brand (shes also the daughter of Spring Creek owner and presidentThe Pulse Coffee & Gift Shop in theFrank Kernick). Why stay in here when you can sit Malcolm Hotel have a treat you by Policeman Creek or in The Malcolm? Its true, and cannot miss - or stop by and pick up its the reason why The Pulse has become an out-of-our Earl Grey Tea bags to easily makeoffice work destination for locals. They grab a coffee this velvety treat at home! or signature tea - Spring Creek Fog, anyone? - find a comfy chair in the lobby and work under the steely I N G R E D I E N T S gaze of King Malcolm, the hotels namesake, whose splendid portrait is the perfect companion.4 g Earl Grey Tea leavesIs the coffee good? Just ask Kayla, who didnt evencup Boiling Water drink the stuff before she opened The Pulse. After Milk, Almond Milk or anyresearching and visiting roasters all over the region, milk beverage of choice she fell head over heels for the arabica beans at Calgarys Rosso Coffee Roasters. To me, the bestVanilla Syrup ortsp Vanilla extract cup of coffee will always be a fistful of grounds andCinnamon(optional) a glug of river water in a pot over a campfire - butThe Pulse serves a shockingly close second.OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEKM E T H O D 325 Spring Creek Drive403.675.11151. Steep the Earl Grey teaPulseGeneralStore.comleaves until strong2. Strain and fill your favourite mug full with this wonderful blend3. Add 2 pumps of Vanilla Syrupor the vanilla extract4. Top your creation with 6-8 ozof steamed milk or dairyalternative of your choice 5. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon andwrap your hands around this luxurious, foggy bit of contentmentTRYING THE RECIPE? SHARE IT! Tag #ThePulseCanmore and #SpringCreekLiving then check out what else is brewing at The Pulse!Social iconCircleOnly use blue and/or white.For more details check out ourBrand Guidelines.04the heart of canmore | 2021"