b'Th e of CanmoreSPRING CREEKGATEFrom Downtown, go east on Main Street. SPRINGTurn right onto Spring Creek Drive and follow CREEKDRIVEalong the creek to the Sales Centre on left.SALES SPCENTRE RING CRBOW VALLEY TRAIL EEK DRIVE9 STREET21RAILWAY AVENUE MAIN STREETFrom Bow Valley Trail,turn into Spring Creek Drive7 STREETat the roundabout and continue to the Sales Centre. 6 AVE 7 AVE203 41 52 6 715 10 11816 9Its proximity to downtown Canmore and easy walkability to fantasticamenities give Spring Creek a powerful connection to the town,its inviting boutiques, restaurants and cafs, and itsrenowned arts and cultural events.SALES CENTRE1002 SPRING CREEK DRIVEOPEN DAILY 10 AM TO 5 PM855.678.6066SALES@SPRINGCREEKMV.COM'