b"HOW TO WEAR A KILTRaise yer kilt game(but not too high) for theCanmore Highland GamesThe kilt dates back to the 1600s, when Left: Helen Emery, on her 100th Birthday in 2018 - The Oldest & Youngest volunteers for the CanmoreScottish Highlanders began wearing Ladies' Hospital Auxiliary. Right: Graciously accepting the new Hospital Van six-metre lengths of woolen cloth draped over their shoulders and belted at the For Evelyn Lambert, a CHLA member since the early 80s, Christmas Day waswaist. The garment has since evolved always a highlight. For years, she loved to dress up as an elf and hand out giftsinto todays more skirt-like form and can and coffee with Baileys alongside Santa Claus. It made the patients happy,be seen on the lower halves of (ahem) Evelyn says. It was fun! The original Santa recently retired from his duties afterhandsome men all over the world. Scot or not, you should take any excuse to wear 30 years, and a new volunteer has stepped into his shiny black boots. one. Heres how.Evelyn has been a Canmorite since 1966, when she relocated from Turner Valley with her husband Bob. Back then, the town still had wooden sidewalks and Evelyn ran a hair salon on Main Street. She got involved in a number of volunteer efforts because it was a great way to meet people. When the CHLA asked her to help, she said yes. I guess they knew I was a sucker for working, Evelyn laughs.Back then, the small group of five or six women metin each others houses over plates of sandwiches.Today, the CHLA has swollen, with members ranging in age from 30 to 92 (one member didnt retire from theDOgroup until well past her 100 thbirthday), and they Aim for a length that hits the centre of meet at the Canmore General Hospital. your kneecap. Any shorter, and you risk indecent exposure. Any longer, and you look a right numpty. A couple of original members remain, but many new volunteers have joined overPut the pleats at the back. the yearsand the CHLA is always eager to welcome more. Each person hasAdd accessories like hose (long sockssomething they like to do, Evelyn says. Some make crafts for sale, others mindthat sit just below the knee), shiny the Tuck Shop, work with donors and sponsors, gather donated items or preparebrogues, a leather sporran and a collared food for sale. The younger members have brought the group into the digital ageshirt and tie. Of course, a glass of good (the CHLA now has a Facebook page). whisky is the best kilt accessory of all.Choose a universal tartan unless you In 2018, the CHLA celebrated its 40 thbirthday, and its contributions in the not- belong to a specific clan. Cant gofor-profit category were recognized at the Canmore Mayors Awards for Volunteerwrong with the Canmore Malcolm Tartan (the official, registered tartan ofExcellence. The award was an honour, but it didnt interrupt business as usual.The Malcolm Hotel) or the Canmore Just as they always have, the CHLA members keep on planning the next eventHighland Games Tartan.and performing the next task, and dollar by dollar, they continue to improve health care for every member of their community.DON'T Think of your kilt as a costume or a Interested in joining the CANMORE HOSPITAL LADIES AUXILIARY?uniform. Unless youre in a pipe band, you Call Terri at 403.678.7691Facebook.com/CanmoreLadiesAuxiliary can style it any old how. Want to pair it with a hoodie and flip-flops? Give er.Lose sleep over the underwear vs. no underwear question. Traditionally, kilts are worn without breeches (unless theres a tornado warning or a chorus line dance number involved), but your bits are your business - do what feels right.Go wild with epaulettes, swords, dirks or powder horns, and definitely dont stick eagle feathers in your bonnet. While Scots are happy to share kilts with the world, eagle feathers have cultural significance that shouldnt be taken lightly. Doubt you wanted to pluck an eagle anyway.See you in September!CanmoreHighlandGames.caLeft: Turning on the charm - Elvis Impersonation events were some of the many fundraisers for The Canmore Hospital Ladies' AuxiliaryRight: Members gathered in Spring Creek, 2020the heart of canmore | 202115"