b'Were living in an unusual time. Its the kind of time that makes everyone reflect and ask, Whats important to me? How do I want to live? As for me, Ive been reflecting on my family history and the way this land has evolved over the generations, from dairy farm in 1926 to today. When I started construction on Spring Creek back in 2006, my dad used to drive through every day to watch it take shape. If he were alive today, I know hed be proud of what the community has become, and the amazing, loyal team that is bringing it to life.The past year has been a time of change, and at Spring Creek, weve focused onthe brighter spots. Weve seen Albertans out experiencing the Rocky Mountains,some for the first time. Weve also seen many people embracing the opportunityto work remotely. Before COVID-19, about 10 per cent of Canmorites commutedto work in Calgary, but now, many of them have the opportunity to stay in this beautiful mountain community all the time. At Spring Creek, the shift to remote work has actually changed the way wethink about the living spaces were building. For The Arnica Lodge, a jewel of a residential building that will overlook The Beat, our village square and the heart ofour Spring Creek community, were creating more two- and three-bedroom densthan we originally planned. In these spaces, people can really embrace life inCanmore while working remotely. Now that about half of Spring Creek is complete and people can walk throughand experience it, they understand what its all about. Thats big for me. All of us at Spring Creek have shared this vision for a long time, and its kept us going through thick and thin. We are proud to see it become a place that everyone can enjoy. I always wanted Spring Creek to be a community with life in it all the time, all year long. The events that bring us together have had to evolve over the past year, but our community spirit has grown stronger than ever. The Canmore Highland Games, which Spring Creek sponsors, is always a highlight for meand I cant wait to see you back, September 2021!Sincerely,Frank KernickPresident (and resident), Spring Creek'