b"biking mountain15 mountains19 ALAN// 15 years15 YEARS LOCALSpring Creek ResidentCanmore abounds with outdoor ALAINAopportunities from my doorstep. & JACK Getting into our mountains is a favourite. Sometimes we go 19 YEARS LOCAL high - for a summit or a ridge; sometimes its just a wee walk -Spring Creek Resident // 4 years it always delivers!Mountain biking on the High Rockies trail in Kananaskis Country is absolute bliss! It's always a great daypaddleboardingwhen you're riding a bike!LIVE LIKE A12LOCAL!LORILOOKING FOR 12 YEARS LOCALA NEWSpring Creek's2 // 2 years Spring Creek Resident // 12 yearsFAVOURITE My creativity is unleashed via PROPERTY pottery. I am drawn to creating TANYA something beautiful, functional, CANMOREOWNERS and unique from natural clay.ACTIVITY? ASSOCIATION 2 YEARS LOCAL artsPlace Canmore just a short With access to facilities at Spring Creek Resident walk from my home, this has really allowed me to express Who better to askI tried stand up paddlemyself as a pottery artist!boarding for the first time this than the owners who call summer! It was a lot of fun to get Spring Creek home! No matter theout on the Canmore Reservoir.I really enjoyed it and will be potteryseason - ideas are abundant in theback for another SUP session!heart of the Rocky Mountains. 5.5 sh snowJUDY oeing5 1/2YEARS LOCALSpring Creek resident // 5 1/2 yearsNot a day goes by that I dont awaken and am thankful for the opportunity to live and enjoy the mountains. One of my favourite activitiesis snowshoeing and I cant imagine a more beautiful backyard to play in. the heart of canmore | 202121"