b'MakingLEGENDARY MEMORIES How The Malcolm Hotel putscreativity and kindness firstOne of the best texts Andrew Shepherd has ever received said, My face hurts. The General Manager of The Malcolm Hotel received the message from a 2020 high school graduate whose ceremony had been cancelled because of COVID-19. Andrew and his team had worked with the girls parents to arrange a surprise Canmore meet-up with her two best friends, culminating in a five-course rooftop dinner. The girl, who began the day in a cloud of disappointment, ended up smiling so hard and for so long that her face was still feeling theeffects the next day.That was during the reopening phase, but for Andrew, its just one example of whats possible when you put people first. He considers this the most important part of his job, and its the north star that has guided his team through the changes and challenges of the past year. While many businesses have focused on their bottom lines, The Malcolm staff have focused on using their talents and resources to look after people. How could they keep guests feeling safe and comfortable? How could they keep delivering incredible experiences? How could they take care of their community? We always focused on the human side of things, Andrew says. 18the heart of canmore | 2021'