b'Remote workBY THE NUMBERSTHE WAY WE THINK ABOUT WORK AND HOME IS EVOLVING FASTWhether you call it working remotely, teleworking or embracing the pajama dress code, the out-of-office trend is here to stay. Many employers and workers have been exploring flexible work options for years, but the pandemic forced many of us to take the leap in a big waypretty much instantly. Heres how that trend is shaping up.% of remote workers who say working 25% 75 from home IMPROVES THEIR INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY WORK-LIFE BALANCE(Indeed Survey 2018) after the pandemic-related shift to remote work in Canada4 IN 10 (Aternity Global Remote Work Productivity Tracker)Canadian workers have jobs that12,096 could be DONE AT HOME(Statistics Canada) Average number of minutes (8.4 days) Canadians spend COMMUTING TO WORK BY CAR each year (Statistics Canada)80% of remote% of remote workers who say they would recommend WORKING FROM workers report HIGHER MORALEHOME to others(State of Remote Work report 2020)than in-office workers(Fundera) 43%9760 SECONDSTravel time from BREAKFAST TABLE TOof workers over 35 would HOME OFFICE in a Spring Creek condo prefer to work remotely at (Joel Henry, Spring Creek Resident) least THREE DAYS A WEEK (ADP Canada & Maru/Blue)06the heart of canmore | 2021'