b'MEET THE FACES OF SPRING CREEKSpring Creeks Marketing Manager enjoysTeresawatching her chosen home town evolveTHE PATH TO CANMORE MULLENWhen we first came to the mountains, people said,You have four kids? Youll want to live in Canmore.Thats where all the young families were, so thats whatwe did, and 30 years later were still in the same home.Our kids met other kids from all around the world.Living in a city has never been an option for me.In Canmore, you have the best of both worlds. You have quite a cosmopolitan community, and you have these extraordinary surroundingsTHE PULL OF CANMOREI was privileged to learn from great entrepreneurs in my first job in town. Wed just gone through the Olympics and Canmore was on this exciting path. We were all young. As my kids grew up, the town grew upwe all grew up together. All of us know each other really well, so the idea of supporting each other is really strong.THE PATH TO SPRING CREEKI was planning to study for a masters degree in communications when an opportunity came up atSpring Creek. It was a casual, part-time position, which suited me at the time, and I had always liked what Frank was doing with the land. He was really about building community, and that was important to me. Next thing I know, Im doing this! I love it. Its about talking one on one with people and finding out what they need.THE PULL OF SPRING CREEK It takes less than 10 minutes to walk I love the trail system in Canmore and the way its beenfrom one side of Spring Creek to the incorporated in Spring Creek. I can bike to work and stayother, but if Teresa Mullen is your companion, you have to budget extra on off-street trails all the way. Its great to look out thetime. Shes the Marketing Manager window of my office and see the Three Sisters. I enjoy thefor Spring Creek, and she knows creative side of my job, and its rewarding to work with theeveryone. Whether shes popping her homeowners and share the communitys story. I think myhead in a gallery to see a new piece, passion is to work. It always has been. pausing to wave at school childrenat Policeman Creek or sharing abig laugh with old friends onthe Stirling Lounge & Grill patio, Teresa moves through the community A favourite pastime -Spending time on anylike its an extension of her home. outdoor deck with family and friends. Originally from Saskatchewan, Teresa has been a Canmorite since 1988, arriving with her husband andThe early years in Canmore for the Mullen familyfour children (four!) just after the Calgary Winter Olympics put the mountain town on the map. She and her husband, Rick both found jobs at Sunshine Village Ski Resort, commuting each morning on the gondola. It was the beginning of an extraordinary life. Coming out here just opened the world for us and our kids, Teresa says. we never looked back.Ever since she came to Canmore, Teresa has been part of its evolution. After leaving Sunshine Village, she worked at the Bow Valley Chamber of Commerce, where shefirst met Spring Creek Owner and President Frank Kernick, but it wasnt until eight years ago that she began to work with him to realize his vision for the land, and tohelp him nurture the vital connection between the community and the entire town. Today, Teresa is right where she wants to be. I love this town, she says. It goes through phases, and it just gets more amazing. the heart of canmore | 202117'